Frequently Asked Questions


I hear a high-pitched whine when using my television or VCR in my car with your inverter. What's causing this?

Why won’t the TV I have turn on when connected to my inverter?

When I connect my laptop or notebook computer to the inverter, the inverter light changes back and forth from green to red and my laptop’s screen alternates between bright and dim.

A red light comes on my inverter when I plug in the device I want to power and my device does not work. Why?

Why won't your inverter power my small electronic device or appliance?

What inverter should I use with my laptop computer?

How much current does my PowerLine inverter draw from my cigarette lighter socket if it isn't being used to power anything?

I am using a combination TV and VCR with your inverter. The TV works OK but the VCR runs very slow. What can I do?

I measured the output of my inverter and it is much lower than 120 volts. Is there something wrong with it?

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